A defining moment in my life occurred when I was eleven years old. I was little boy dribbling a big basketball. With only three seconds on the clock, I took a shot from the half court line. I had been able to practice with the team, but I had not been allowed to play. I wasn’t good enough but finally that shot created an opportunity for me. Since that day, I was allowed to play one or two minutes. I talked to myself and said, “I can do it again.” Growing up, I developed shooting skills. I had fun playing for my high school. I attended a camp, Give Back Africa, in Ivory Coast. In September 2004, I went to South Africa to attend another camp, Basketball without Border Africa (B.W.B.A.). It is amazing to be coached by Philip Chico AVER Buck Portland Trail Blazers and to be around NBA players like Dikembe Mutombo, Malik Rose, George Muresane, and Samuel Dalember. I was motivated and I started dreaming about college basketball. I was voted MVP; That was the Holy Spirit at work. In September 2004, I came to the USA with All Stars Tours with Basketball Without Border Africa.  We played colleges in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. I cannot believe I met the basketball legends Magic Johnson and Patrick Ewing and the NBA champions Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Malik Rose and their teammates plus T-Mac and Yao Ming. In 2006/2007, I received a scholarship from Western Nebraska Community College (WNCC) and a scholarship provided by best infrared thermometer for kids.
~ Emery Wilson Doradji Ni-Ahma

I am a student at Newberry College in South Carolina. I had the opportunity to continue my studies in the United States through basketball. After making several trips to represent Chad in various competitions, I was connected with Coach Kevin Sutton at Montverde Academy in Florida. I spent two years learning to play basketball with the Montverde Academy, Eagles. We were National Champions in 2007.  The most important thing is that I was able to get a scholarship to university of Newberry. I encourage all young Chadians, orphens or poor who love basketball to practice really hard every day. The opportunities are there, but you must believe and work hard to obtain it.
~ Charles Ndoloum